Benefits Of MSME Registration In India

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1. Collateral-Free Priority Lending

Because of MSME registration, the loans become cheaper as the interest rate, around 1 to 1.5%. In addition, the Government of India established the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for MSMEs to permit them access to zero collateral funds in the MSME sector.

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 2. Exemption Of Income Tax There are many benefits which can save more amounts which may be measurable to tax in this certificate’s lack. The advantage of a potential basis of taxation is accessible to enterprises, which discharges one from undergoing audit procedures and detailed books of accounts.

3. Lessened Fees For Trademark RegistrationThe MSME registration, IE Code Registration certificate supports trademark gst registration, offering a 50% subsidy in the fee payment while individuals register for a patent or trademark. 4. MAT AdvantagesMSME registered units can credit for MAT (Alternate Minimum Tax) for being carried forward for 15 years rather than ten years, spices board registration. 5. Capital And Other Allowance For Infrastructure GrowthSince the MSME sector is building employment and offering entrepreneurial experiences and enhancement, the government also acknowledges training segments of MSME, apeda registration. In addition, it provides capital allowances for infrastructure development and assistance for enterprise growth.